suitable herbs for lotions and ointments Edit

==St John's Wort==:

Pain relieving antiseptic.

Helps nerve pain. Rub into affected area.

Can cause sensitivity to sunlight


Old fashioned country folk remedy.

Clears skin blemishes, including varicose veins.

Anti-inflammatory for allergic skin reactions.



Aloe vera:Edit

Healing for burns.

Moisturizes dry and cracked skin.

Reduces allergic reactions that cause eczema.

Witch hazel:Edit

Soothing relief from hemorrhoids.

Suitable for use on inflamed or tender skin.

Stops bleeding and reduces bruising.


Rose petals:Edit

Rejuvenate mature complexions.

Help the regeneration of new tissue.

A gentle natural antiseptic.


First aid for minor wounds.

Bioactive antiseptic compounds.

Gentle enough for babies and children.


Healing for many skin disorders.

Effective treatment for eczema.

Potent antimicrobial action.

Insect repellent.


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